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Somatic Gene Mutation by Dr. Frank Arguello

Even with the latest advancements in cancer treatments and therapies, there’s been little impact to the human cancer condition. In fact cancer remains as deadly as it’s ever been, despite the many alternate treatments, careful removal is still the only cure. Although there’s been many new age methods and cancer treatments that have come and gone, there’s been little to suggest that a cure is anywhere in the near future. That could be changing soon however, with the Somatic Gene Mutation treatment offered by Dr. Frank Arguello.

While this treatment is new and unique, the results thus far have inspired generations of cancer researchers to reconsider the somatic gene mutation hypothesis of cancer.  If you have been diagnosed with cancer, or know someone who has, here’s an in depth look at somatic gene mutation and what it can do.

Somatic Gene Mutation

Somatic mutation is a genetic mutation which occurs in a somatic cell after conception. These mutations can lead to a variety of medical issues, including cancer. Somatic mutations can be identified by examining the genetic material in a questionable cell and comparing it to a cell from elsewhere in the body; the DNA in the two cells will be different, despite the fact that it is not supposed to be.

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This change to the thought process behind cancer has led to professionals to reconsider this approach. Instead of treating cancer as a disease and more as a proliferation of cells that’s created by genetic lesions through carcinogens or other genetic factors, such as random errors in DNA.

Cancer is fast becoming one of the leading causes of death in the entire world. With over 20,000 deaths every 24 hours, it’s a serious issue that threatens people from all walks of life.


As one of the leading causes of cancer, these genetic lesions are giving experts like Dr. Frank Arguello indications of mutations and chromosomal deletions or duplicate errors that could be the root cause.


The advancements in Somatic Gene Mutation have led many to re-evaluate their stance on what makes cancer calls pathogenic and why it kills so many people. Not only will the mutation profile among cells differ from nodule to nodule, the mutation profile will change from one day to the next.

Medical professionals like Dr. Frank Arguello are taking this new comprehension of cancer to a new level. Being able to comprehend what causes cancer better equips them to treat patients with higher success rates. Want to discover how Dr. Frank Arguello can help you or the ones you love? Contact him at to see how somatic gene mutation can help you on the road to recovery.